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HRC Restore
Like it or not, NYC Maid Services are necessary!  Most adults begin significant loss of hormones after their early 20’s.


Childbirth, menopause, and time also alter womens’ hormone levels.


Male hormone levels typically decline 1-2% annually, meaning that by their mid 40’s, most men have lost almost half their prime hormone levels.

HRC Renew
Amor Vie® therapy will, among other things, renew the hormone levels of your prime.


Unlike many other hormone treatments, your Amor Vie® therapy is personally designed to restore the optimal hormone levels found in your early 20’s, not just the levels for a mid-life or senior adult.


Hormones delivered in pellet form have been shown to produce higher sustained levels of hormone effectiveness as compared to other methods.

HRC Rejoice
Amor Vie® Therapy guarantees that your hormone levels will improve.


HRC Medical patient sampling indicates that regular treatment provides a sustained hormone level, consistent with that of our prime.


Our patients have self-reported life-changing IMPROVEMENTS in symptom relief.


With over 30,000 patients nationwide, HRC Medical is one of the largest providers of bio-natural hormone replacement therapy.